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Officer Responsibilities
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While no handout, person or any other source of information can tell you exactly what the officers of your organizations should be doing, we can give you an idea of typical responsibilities for officers. Use these generalizations as guidelines and adapt them to fit your organization.


  • The person "in charge," responsible for supervising/overseeing the work of the other officers and ensuring that they function together as an effective team
  • Provides the overall vision and sense of direction for the organization
  • Spokesperson/representative/external liaison for the organization
  • Schedules and runs officer and organization meetings
  • Serves as a role model for other officers and members

Vice President

  • Specific roles and responsibilities for this position need to be clearly identified to ensure effectiveness
  • Supervises/oversees chair people and the work of all committees
  • Selects committee chairs
  • Delegates appropriate responsibilities to committee chairs
  • Actively keeps up-to-date on work of committees with committee chairs
  • Chairs occasional special committees or projects
  • "Assumes responsibility" during absence of president


  • Records and distributes all pertinent information to members, including meeting minutes, upcoming events and opportunities
  • Handles all organizational correspondence
  • Keeps accurate membership lists with names, addresses and phone numbers (including summer addresses)
  • Maintains thorough organizational files and records
  • Keeps office organized and stocked with supplies.


  • Establishes annual budget for organization and ensures that it's followed
  • Reports regularly to organization officers and members the group's financial status
  • Manages day-to-day financial transactions
  • Records and pays bills/reimbursements
  • Deposits/withdraws funds
  • Records accrued interest
  • Works closely with Student Organization Accounts Service (SOAS)


  • Keeps account of organizational records and documents. (Charter, awards, newspaper clippings, etc.)
  • Thoroughly documents all events through photographs, video or written descriptions.

Committee Chairs

  • Manage work of committees, with appropriate direction and delegation.
  • Reports to vice president and reports at organization meetings.
  • Each committee will have specific responsibilities and goals.
  • Membership:  recruit, select, orient new members.
  • Social/programming:  organize events, including reserving rooms, renting buses, obtaining refreshments, arranging for entertainment.
  • Publicity:  promote a positive image of the organization by creating and designing, producing and distributing all publicity materials.

Each officer is equally important to the smooth and effective functioning of an organization. Successful officers function as a team, helping each other and contributing to the overall accomplishments and climate of the organization. Don't forget the importance of each of the members, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."