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Organizing a Retreat
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The word retreat, used in the context of an organizational activity, refers to withdrawing from the normal scene for the purpose of reflection and evaluation, as well as to give organization members the opportunity to recharge, contemplate, bond and renew. Retreats give people an opportunity to take a step back to assess the organization and make plans to guide the organization through the upcoming months. They are also a time for people to brainstorm ideas, express concerns and provide praise in an informal environment. In order to be productive and successful, all organizations must take time to evaluate their position, set goals and objectives and generally decide its course for the future.

Some of the basic goals of retreats are to:

  • Promote togetherness and a sense of community
  • Resolve problems and conflict
  • Give people an opportunity to reflect on the purpose of the organization
  • Set goals and objectives to improve organizational operations
  • Give each person a chance to share their thoughts and ideas
  • Renew the members' commitment to the organization