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Look Up Look Down
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Material Needed: None
Time Required: 10 minutes
Group Size: 10-200
Purpose: Physical energizer
  1. Arrange participants into groups of 12-20 members.
  2. Have participants stand in a tight circle, shoulder to shoulder.
  3. Explain that when you (the facilitator) says, "look down" everyone must look at the ground. And when you say, "Look up" everyone must look up and stare directly at the face of another person. If two people look up and stare at each other, they must scream and then step out of the circle. The rest of the participants who didn't make eye contact with another person will continue staring until the facilitator says, "Look down" again. Play continues until there are only 2-3 people left in the circle.
If you have more than one circle of Look Up Look Down going on, you will want a facilitator who knows the rules in each group.

With a very large group, you may have several circles of Look Up Look Down going on at the same time. If that is the case, once group members stare at another person, and scream, they must then run clockwise to the next circle and join their game. Your circles keep fluctuating in size. The game continues until you run out of time.