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Leadership Exercises & Tips
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Leadership Exercises & Tips
Leadership invariably involves teamwork. Having the ability to work collaboratively with others is vital. This includes identifying individual strengths (yours and others) and harnessing them for the group, building consensus, knowing when to lead and when to follow, and appreciating group dynamics.

You have a wonderful opportunity to learn and enhance your ability by intentionally developing opportunities to practice team work.

This area contains a fun and informative selection of quotes, sayings, and thoughts on Leadership. Read & enjoy!

Congratulations!! You've just been elected as a student leader; you're feeling great! And, at times, a bit scared, right? You've finally received the position that you've wanted for so long and perhaps you're experiencing a little bit of doubt. You want to give it your all, be the BEST officer your organization ever elected. You want everything perfect the first time - with no mistakes from anybody. Nice intentions, but as we all know, highly unrealistic. People are fallible; mistakes will inevitably be made.

Here is some information that will start your thinking so you can avoid some of the common pitfalls and get a smooth start in your new position. So, relax, get comfortable and read on!

Being a member of a student organization enriches your time at the University of Oregon in many ways. The good friends and good times help transform what is sometimes a large overwhelming institution into a place you can call "home." Student organizations also give you opportunities to explore new interests, develop skills, enhance your academic program and have an impact on the University community. You may want to get involved, but with so many organizations on campus, you may wonder how to find the best group for you.

Meeting new people and developing group cohesion can be difficult and scary at times. It is critical that people learn basic information about one another from the outset of any experience. This will allow members of your group to have fun and begin to develop friendships. We have identified several fun and fast icebreakers for various situations. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun!

Ever feel like your group is just running out of gas? Perhaps it�¢ï¿½ï¿½s late, or raining (again!), and your group does seem to have a lot of energy. We have provided a list of short energizers to get you and your group going! These can be used at any time, so enjoy!

Just elected and need to build a sense of team and buy in? Are you a seasoned leader that needs to refocus your group or reinforce positive practices? Implementing fun and innovative team building exercises with your group may be just what you need.

We have highlighted several team builders that have worked for other groups on campus. Feel free to select as many of you like and enjoy!

Want to promote your activities? Need to learn how to work with the media? Here are some helpful hints on public relations.

Would you like to develop a program or organize a conference? These tip sheets are designed to help you develop and coordinate the various components associated with this type of task.

This section will aid you in your efforts to create a stronger, more coherent infrastructure. Handouts include information on constitution and bylaws, the preparation of a transition notebook, sample officer responsibilities, parliamentary procedure and much more.

Yeah! Its budget time. Here are some example budgets and tips on how to organize your groups finances, and some hints on fundraising ideas, grant writing, and attaining sponsorship of your event or program. Good luck!