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President's Leadership Symposium

President's Leadership Symposium

The 2011 President's Leadership Symposium will take place on

Tuesday, February 15.


Keynote Speaker

Greg Bell

Greg Bell, Founder and Chief Bamboo Farmer
Greg Bell is a recognized thought leader, author of Water The Bamboo(r): Unleashing the Potential of Teams and Individuals, and founder of the Water The Bamboo(r) Center For Leadership. As an innovator and keen observer of highly successful leaders and teams, he distilled his findings into the Water The Bamboo(r) approach to success. Through his entertaining and content-driven keynotes and seminars, Greg has encouraged and inspired thousands of leaders and teams to identify and water their bamboo to create remarkable results. Greg learned the virtues of discipline and hard work from his grandfather, a Texas farmer. Greg was the first in his family to graduate from college; he played basketball at the University of Oregon where he was twice named Inspirational Player of the Year. After receiving a political science and law degree from the University of Oregon, he practiced law within a large organization. Personal events inspired him to re-evaluate his life and priorities, and he helped launch the Coaches vs. Cancer campaign for the National Association of Basketball Coaches-a non-profit that has raised over 50 million dollars for cancer research. Greg teaches Water The Bamboo(r) through over 80 speaking engagements a year, trainings, consulting, and writing to help people unlock their unlimited potential for growth. Starting as a personal mantra, Water The Bamboo(r) has evolved through the daily practice and hard-earned success of the leaders, coaches, high-performing individuals, and teams who have embraced the philosophy. Hundreds of people are active in Bamboo Circles(tm) that support their personal and professional growth. Greg lives, works, and plays in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three daughters, whose middle names are Grace, Hope, and Joy.

For more information about Greg and Water the Bamboo, visit:  website:


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