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Other topic:;u=123832

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,616 35,888 undergraduates Gender Breakdown: 45% Male 55% Female 65% Full time Costs 2012 13 : Tuition and Fees: $6,417 in state. $18,816 out of state Books: $1,220 Room and Board: $11,330 Other Expenses: $4,380 Total Cost: $23,347 in state. $35,746 out of state Florida International University Financial Aid 2010 11 : Percentage of Students Receiving Aid: 91% Florida International Scholarships Cappex Percentage of Students Receiving Types of Aid Grants: 89% Loans: 28% Average Amount of Aid Grants: $6,393 Loans: $5,202 Most Popular Majors:Business Administration, Criminal Justice Studies, Elementary Education, Finance, Health Services, Hospitality Administration, International Business, Marketing, Media Studies, Nursing, PsychologyGraduation, Retention and Transfer [url=]cheap custom nfl jerseys[/url] Rates: First Year Student [url=]cheap soccer jerseys wholesale[/url] Retention full time students : 82% Transfer Out Rate: 6% 4 Year Graduation Rate: 16% 6 Year Graduation Rate: 43% Data Source:National Center for Educational StatisticsAdmissions Information for Other Florida Colleges and Universities:Eckerd Embry Riddle Flagler Florida Florida Atlantic FGCU Florida Tech FIU Florida Southern Florida State Miami New College Rollins Stetson UCF UNF USF U of Tampa UWFFlorida International University Mission Statement:mission statement from fiu. edu docs fiumission_statement. htm "Florida International University is an urban, public, multi campus research university serving South Florida, the state, the nation, and the international community. Our mission is to impart knowledge through excellent teaching, promote public service, discover new knowledge, solve problems through research, and foster creativity. " Keeping the boys and girls of summer looking great

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And Juventus have joined Inter and the MU Rowdies in pursuit of Villarreal's Argentinian playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme.Once Zainab comes to terms with Syed's sexuality, and Christian, well, woe betide anyone else in Walford with a smart comment.Baugur has said it will sue the Icelandic authorities for the money it claims to have lost on these deals.There is no support for positive discrimination.It is understood Shepherdson and her management team will own a 20% stake in Whistles./* ArticleDetail-FloatLeft-ImgTxt-300-250 */So make a commitment to yourself that you are not going to wait.Get the Guardian's daily Australia email
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